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Greenparc Bleiswijk was founded in 2007 from the common goal of the Buren Association Agro-Center and Flower auction Bleiswijk, to cooperate.

All the owners have joined together in an association of owners, so that the objectives of V.v.E. Greenparc Bleiswijk are jointly worked on. This has resulted in a 520,000 m2 private business area on which many fronts Worked. The business park is enclosed with a fencing, every visitor who enters Greenparc Bleiswijk is seen by means of a camera surveillance system.

This causes the objectives;

  • Well-workable entrepreneurial climate.
  • Clear signposting.
  • General order and cleanliness.
  • Road safety.
  • Security and a good parking policy.

Special benefits for companies based in Greenparc Bleiswijk:

  • Easily accessible by lorry, car, public transport or by bicycle.
  • Good location. Local, regional and international.
  • At a stone's throw away Mainport Rotterdam, a 15 minute drive from Rotterdam Airport.
  • In the heart of traffic intersection: a 12 – a 13 – a 20 – a 4.

At the business complex Greenparc Bleiswijk, in accordance with the rules, The rules Greenparc Bleiswijk, the auction rules of flora, the roads traffic law, the roads verkeersreglement and the rules of procedure and traffic signs apply.