General provisions and rules of conduct

Article 1 access.

  1. Business complex GREENPARC Bleiswijk has camera surveillance. When entering the business complex, the visitor agrees to the storage/absorption of his or her movements.
  2. Business Complex Greenparc Bleiswijk is only accessible for destination traffic.
  3. Everyone is obliged to legitimize themselves at the first request of a security officer or supervisor and to inform them correctly.
  4. The person entering the business complex does so at his own risk.

Article 2 behaviour on the business complex.

  1. V.v.E. Greenparc Bleiswijk uses an enforcement process that applies to anyone who is in the business complex, regardless of his or her role or function.
  2. Everyone must behave on the roads and grounds of the business complex GREENPARC Bleiswijk in accordance with the rules laid down in the roads traffic law, the road Verkeersreglement and the rules of procedure and traffic signs.
  3. Everyone should use the roads only in accordance with the destination and the instructions given.
  4. Any person who, whether or not as an eyewitness, is in any way involved in an offence, accident or damage case at the business complex is obliged to ensure that the security officer or supervisor of the Precase informed is brought.
  5. Anyone who inflicts damage to third party property must report this in writing within 24 hours, by email: In the case of negligence, the detection/onderzoekskosten is recovered from the legal representative of the cause.

Article 3 Maximum speed.

  1. Without prejudice to the speed limits indicated to a lower limit, it is prohibited to drive on the roads at a higher speed than 30 kilometres per hour.

Article 4 priority.

  1. Vehicles at the service of ambulances, firefighters, police or security, if and insofar as they use optical and/or sound signals, shall at all times take precedence over other traffic. The other traffic is obliged to take measures to ensure that free passage is ensured. The aid services shall not be subject to the maximum speed if such infringement is necessary for the performance of the task in question.

Article 5 monitoring and control.

  1. The security officer or supervisor shall have the power to check the field for compliance with the rules laid down in this Regulation.
    • Control of and in vehicles is always allowed.
    • Control of possession or use of drugs/alcohol is always permitted by Park manager or security officer.
  2. The V.v.E. has the right to remove or have all that is contrary to the provisions of this regulation to be removed or removed. At the expense and risk of the offender. The V. V. E is without prejudice to the right to charge a penalty or damage.

Article 6 prohibitions.

It is not allowed;

  • To stay In vehicles;
  • Vehicles on site to park for more than 3 hours, other than at the indicated places;
  • To offer vehicles on the business complex for sale or unused for more than 8 hours on consecutive working days except with the written permission of the park manager or the board of the V.v.E. after oral or written summation Owner/user to remove the vehicle immediately;
  • To wash or repair vehicles on the premises, to refuel or transfer fuel, or to change oil, etc., other than at designated locations;
  • Refrigeration engines on or on site vehicles other than in the appropriate location;
  • To throw, drop or leave on the roads and freely accessible areas, substances or articles which are harmful or cumbersome to traffic;
  • Use of steps, roller skates, roller skates and the like, without the written permission of the park manager.

Article 7 sanctions prohibitions.


  1. If acted contrary to the aforementioned articles, the security officer or supervisor is entitled to impose a sanction. The penalty amount must be met, for which proof of receipt is presented.
  2. V.v.E. Greenparc Bleiswijk is entitled to obstruct the driving of incorrectly parked vehicles (wheel clamp). The obstacle is lifted after Cash payment Of the imposed fine or cost compensation by owner or the driver/user to the security officers.
  3. If acted contrary to the aforementioned articles, the V.v.E. is entitled to transfer or have the vehicle, the object or the substances brought to another location. All costs are borne by the offender/owner.
  4. Reclamation/objection against imposing sanction or fine is not possible.

Article 8 calamities and accidents.


Calamities, damages or hazardous situations at business complex GREENPARC Bleiswijk can be reported to Alert Security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone Number: 0184 434100

For emergency accidents and life-threatening calamities:

Call: 112

For optimal care:
Keep the connection in position.
Follow the operator's instructions.

Ask a bystander – colleague to the UGS Point or to the nearest gate, so that emergency services are quickly managed on the spot.